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As a look and feel TD, I have designed the moods based on clients requirements. These are the works I have contributed at my current employer

My recent photography

Village entrance

Light fall off

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Sunday, 6 December 2009

material study

It is totally done by me( right from modeling, unwrapping, texturing & lighting). Thanks to mental rays and 3d studio max. I am a ardent fan of 3d studio max. Basically I use Autodesk Maya in production, but I believe in the power of max because of its friendly approach to using various tools which will be more or less difficult on other software. Again it can be achieved on other software.

You can check my wireframe image of layout. I will upload my screen shots in my free time which will show how I did shading in mental ray.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Early winter

This is just a watercolour approach to this painting.

Sunday, 18 October 2009


Just used photoshop to paint this image. I always like marine green. it gives demonic shade.

Da Jammies

It was a awesome moment of my life when I designed this spectacular stage shows of da jammie's.
The vibrant colours of lights and characters makes this show a special one to be remembered. I was treating it as other projects in hand. But after knowing FarCor Studios's criterion, I changed whole look & feel. Please have a look on the launch.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

BELKA Strelka

I am working in it presently.

My Resume

Tel: +919051014666 (mobile)



Excelling in Creation and Research and development, contributing my skills along with a team of talented individuals within a great environment.


3D: Autodesk Maya, 3D Studio Max

2D: Adobe Photo Shop, Zbrush

COMPOSITING: Adobe After Effect, Autodesk Combustion, Eyeon’s FUSION









November ’ 2008 – Look & feel TD (consultant)(ongoing)

Client: Blowfishfx Ltd. (India)

Description: Wholly responsible for look & feel of various projects. My way of working is entirely different that traditional working which involves preparing thumbnail painting for lighters to understand the exact needs of a client. Then locking palettes for various moods. I teach lighting

August ’ 2008 – Technical Head (Lighting/Shading) (consultant)

Client: Pixion (India)

Description: Making master lighting for key locations and character lighting in 3d mythological feature. Taking care of technical needs which involved planning of automated utilities which eliminates various difficulties in production.

September’ 2007 – Technical Head (Lighting/Shading)


Description: Converting 2D studio into a 3D studio by giving specific mental ray trainning to the existing stuff to meet the challenge of making a feature . Taking care of technical issues regarding shading & lighting.

December’ 2005 – Technical Head (Lighting/Shading)

Client: Maya Entertainment Ltd.

Description: I am responsible for creating lit environments and elements, including placing key lights, creating shadows for both live action integration and fully CG images, texture coordinate application (including fur application and perspective texture application), texture map painting, material property/shader specification, and composting (both as a means of lighting and the combining of scene elements). Led the implementation, testing, and integration in production of a practical subsurface scattering solution for skin.

Here I conduct several experiments on high quality images through the exploitation of parallelism on both multi processor machines and across network of machines( scan line algorithm and BSPs). Main challenge is to put user-settable parameters to achieve even higher performance than normally achieved by the built-in automatic scene cost analysis. Here we are working for different kinds of caustic such as multiple reflections /or multiple refraction, caused by self-reflection/refraction, volume caustics. Using this system we simulate any combination of diffuse, specular and glossy reflection and transmission like color bleeding caused by diffuse interreflections and volume scattering.


*** Composting is the main part in production. As a last phase of lighting process, I use Autodesk's Combustion and Adobe's After effects. After taking out several passes from 3D ( Diffuse, specular, ambient, direct light, indirect light, ambient occlusion, normal, coverage, UV passes), I composite on those softwares. After first pass of lighting, as a second pass of lighting can be done on composting by making incoming 2D pass as 3d pass. In the process, rotoscoping is done as per the requirements of projects. My last job would be a color-grading job to get the richness of a subject.


In the process of lighting, I extensively care for texturing for exact look and contrast level difference to avoid unnecessary rendering issues such as over brighten color means unclamped color, shadow edging problems, low depth bump maps.

The projects I was involved in as follows

1) The Tale of Jack Frost

Produced by BBC Worldwide

2) The Rising (Mangal Pandey) - Movie directed by Ketan Mehta

Produced by kaleidoscope Pvt ltd.

4) Dextar

For Cartoon Networks, UK

5) Presently ongoing teleseries

produced by BBC, UK


July’2004 – Episodic Lighting /Shading & BG In-charge


Description: I was on series made for kids. My job was to keep consistency over sequence & finally co-ordinate editor/compositors.

1.)Max and the Mechanics

Produced by Mike Young Productions

2.) Higgly Town Heroes

Produced by Wild Brain for Disney Playschool Channel

March’2003 -- June' 2004 - Lighting Lead


Description: Designing of lighting scheme at the early stage of production by simplifying the complexity of each shot, breaking out all junk shots into passes where rendering resources will be saved, helping compositors to understand the usage of different techniques to get the final look. Currently it includes mostly series; few of them already had been broadcasted on US TV on prime slot. Besides these series I have contributed in Game Cinematic based on war,

These are the following projects I was involved in

1) Junk Monkey

Produced by Blur Studio, CA, USA

2) Dungeons and Dragons--- The temple of elemental evil

Produced by Troika Games, Atari Inc.

3) Nepo

Produced by Oriental land Co. @DreamWorks

4) Vegas rules

Produced by viccant Inc. @ Sony/ATV Music Publising

5) The Audobon Institute

Produced by Super78, USA

6) Jurassic Tour----- HiTachi

Produced by WARNER BROS

7) The cat in the hat

Produced by Vivendi universal games, USA

May’ 2002 - Feb’2003 Lighting & rendering Supervisor



Client: Mike Young Productions,

Description: Planning of rendering process using MAYA. We had to create underwater scene where lighting was a major challenge. So we used Maya’s fluids resources to create water sequences for DIVE OLLY DIVE, produced by Mikeyoung Production. Another project called BACKYARDIGANS, about a dance sequence of three toy lives at backyards. The challenge was to make sunny & softy look for children’s that reasons we used different filters at various stages to give it an eye catchy look as well as softy feel.

Jan' 2000 – April' 2002 Senior lighting artist

Company: Til studios Ltd,a subsidiary of DSQ softwares


Monkey King

Client: Isthmus multimedia

Lion and Blue

Client: Pison Studios U.K

Mar’96 - Dec'99 – CG Trainee to senior lighting artist


Client: Griboullie (France), Stan lee media,

Description: I started my career from this studio. Mostly job was to model various 3d elements in SoftImage 3D for Excalibur movie.

Assisting other departments to run the production flow in texturing, lighting individual elements. I worked in following projects:

1) Sindbad beyond the veil of mist-- 3D animated film --produced By PSEL

2) Excalibur- it's a 3d movie

Produced by Griboullie (France)

3) JEANS- Movie, Produced by Solomon pictures. My role was in making individual elements mostly light matching stuffs for visual

effect shots.




Certificate course in Photography

Diploma in Fine Arts,

Dip-in Multi-Media,

Professional training In SoftImage (SGI, London)(sponsored by PENTAFOUR SOFTWARE & EXPORTS LTD.)

Higher Secondary(Science) from West Bengal Council Of Higher Secondary Education



C/o- Mr. Ranjit Kumar Roy

P-263/31, Benaras road,

Post:NetajiGarh. Howrah

PINCODE: 711101

West Bengal, India





Tel: +919051014666


Passport no: A7526687 Date of issue: 25.05.1999 Date of Expiry: 24.05.2009

Applied for renewal of passport.


Atanu Roy

Friday, 26 September 2008

North kolkata

It's a sincere approach of my inner feelings about sadness. This palatial property
had been neglected due to lack of maintenance and funds. My shades of darkness
depicts those sentimental moments of Jamindars in North Kolkata.

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Shikha in a different tone

golden era

Gold like impression


cozy feeling

My friend Bibek with his favourite drinks.

living for future

This precious moment of Arup, an natural artist captured by me. I had taken this snap in colour and then made it to black and white.

Sunday, 13 May 2007

My favourite lighter

Few days back I bought a cigarette packet, called I-Gen. As a promotional campaign they gave me a lighter. I liked it so much that I couldn't resist myself from making it in 3d. I used auto desk's 3D Studio Max8.0 and photoshop for texture.

Thursday, 12 April 2007


Remembering the sunset on the river side in my village. Boats that seem to be blur, as the sun sets down. Played with Photoshop Brush without any filter. Hope you will like this.

Snowy Forest

It is a genuine effort to make a brush stroke on forest. I restricted myself from choosing multiple colours in my palette. So you can say it as a experiment of brush and colours.
Wanted to check the magical blending of primary colour and its complementary colours.
I would like to give a thanks to all the artists around the globe for giving me inspiration.

Thursday, 29 March 2007


Welcome abode my blog spot. I would like to introduce myself as Atanu Roy, a senior lighting artist in a reputed animation firm in Mumbai.
This is my first model on my blog. It shows a locomotive waiting at a station. The locomotive is a part of a huge network called Indian railways, India's largest government owned autonomous body. Locomotives started running in India from 1852 onwards. Indian Railways was then known as the Great Indian Peninsular Railways. Today, Indian Railways spans the length and breadth of the country, connecting people of all cultures and races, thus enabling the common man to travel, mingle freely with others, see places and also realise his dreams.
Around 9000 trains carrying approximately 15 million passengers pass through 7000 stations everyday. It can be a security agencies nightmare. Employing over 14 lakh employees from all parts of the country, the Indian Railways carries the message of national integration and an united India, a country which is showing a steady growth in its economy with lots of promises in the 21st century. From a loss making company defaulting in paying dividends worth Rs 1823 crore in 2001, Indian Railways has revved up and revamped its strategies. Today it's treasury boasts of a Rs 12,140 crore turnover. An impressive success story, the story of Indian Railways is definitely management case study material. Taking inspiration from the Indian Railways, i wish to create my magic using modeling, texturing and lighting tools and welcome you all to my page. This is my fitting tribute to the great Indian Railways, always benefiting the common man.

................................................................the end...................................

Lazy Colony

Wanted to create a small lane which will have my study on detailing on material. I have used 3dstudio max8 & Vray. Almost all textures are hand painted.