Thursday, 12 April 2007


Remembering the sunset on the river side in my village. Boats that seem to be blur, as the sun sets down. Played with Photoshop Brush without any filter. Hope you will like this.

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Saswati said...

Yes Atanu Da..very well painted indeed...a very nice blend of clours and imagination...the sunset of mumbai..this image infact stretches my mind to my first vist to Mumbai and viewing the sunset at juhu on a lonely evening...It is completely fabulous atanu da where mere words fail to describe the interplay of brushes where you have nicely shown the end of one day and the boats returning after the day's slogging work peacefully...Indeed they need a KINARA....the dark hovering clouds are an indication of the pollution and the trees are there to give the proofs. Your brush work speaks your soul atanu da...The shadow of the trees and clouds lumbers over the tides and put a nice reflection on the waters like a mirror facing the sky....the sun is like a giant radiator with all its energy, ultimately when settling down makes the sky weak ,enervating the earth while settling, telling the moon to come down and spread its calmness and make the earth cool....a pre-cociousness to the moon to further wax and wane...great art work reflected by your brush tips...go on creating more and more....we will wait for more like this ....