Sunday, 6 December 2009

material study

It is totally done by me( right from modeling, unwrapping, texturing & lighting). Thanks to mental rays and 3d studio max. I am a ardent fan of 3d studio max. Basically I use Autodesk Maya in production, but I believe in the power of max because of its friendly approach to using various tools which will be more or less difficult on other software. Again it can be achieved on other software.

You can check my wireframe image of layout. I will upload my screen shots in my free time which will show how I did shading in mental ray.

1 comment:

guru said...

The apple looks tooo glossy as if its made of granite,and the oranges look very dry,and other than the grapes,the fourth fruit is out of recognition.You have to work on the shaders to get it right.
The half cut off in DOF on the grapes look funny,not good at all.

The glass bowl looks OK ,though.Still miles to go.